AL State Attorney General leads “massive case” against BP

Alabama’s new AG pursuing BP suit as lead attorney


Alabama’s new attorney general says he will be lead counsel in the state’s lawsuit against BP and others over the Gulf oil spill and that he hopes his presence at a federal court hearing shows the judge how important the case is to residents harmed by the disaster.

Luther Strange said Wednesday that he’ll take the lead since the state is no longer using private law firms for the case.

Alabama has been harmed more than any other Gulf state hit by the spill mostly because its tourism revenue is based on attracting visitors to its pristine white sand beaches, he said. Strange estimated that the state lost $148 million in tax revenues because of the spill and that businesses lost as much as $824 million in earnings.

The hundreds of lawsuits that have been filed against BP and other companies over damages have been consolidated before U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier in New Orleans. Barbier is holding a status conference in his courtroom at 9:30 a.m. Friday to discuss how to proceed with efforts to settle some of the cases and bring others to trial.

“I want to make sure the judge understands this is a top priority for Alabama,” Strange said about being there.

Strange said he is working with new Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley to pursue both the lawsuit and claims against BP. Former Gov. Bob Riley and former Attorney General Troy King were often at odds over how to proceed to recover losses. King filed a lawsuit, while Riley initially wanted to pursue the claims process.

Deputy Attorney General Corey Maze will be in court with Strange. He said attorneys are still trying to determine how much money the state lost that would include cleanup and lost tax revenue.

Asked if he thought the state’s claims against BP would eventually go to court, Maze said, “I question whether BP wants to face an Alabama jury knowing what they’ve done to Alabama.”

Former Alabama Lt. Gov. Jere Beasley said his Montgomery law firm had been working on the legal action against BP for the state, but stepped aside when Strange took office earlier this month.

But Beasley said his firm still represents numerous clients with claims and lawsuits against BP. One of his firm’s attorneys, Ron Jones, has been appointed by Judge Barbier to a committee that his helping the judge manage the massive case.

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11 Responses to AL State Attorney General leads “massive case” against BP

  1. tommie says:

    Bravo Mr. Attorney General…Bravo…while your at it, get that jackass that Obama put in charge of the funds; he is crooked as can be…good luck to all in the gulf. I live on the Texas side of the gulf and I am sure it will hit here sooner or later… Americans must never forget or put aside what has happened.

  2. WillieG51 says:

    This is how it should be, and I’m glad to see the Attorney General of Alabama as the lead attorney. I also would like to see a lot of things happen, however you are going to sue in “Federal Court” you have the disadvantage.

    I’d like to believe in the “rule of law”, yet as one goes through life you never see “laws” universally enforced, they are selectively enforced and not in the best of ways. Yes, it’s an imperfect world, which is why we have laws. It is sad when those who are supposed to enforce and oversee the law, disregard it and cheapen it’s value.

    I wish all the best to all involved in bringing this legal action to bear against the criminals who have perpetrated one of the greatest crimes against humanity.

  3. Mihail says:

    Wake up America before it’s to late; stand up for your freedom, those people want to enslave and exterminate you all.
    Please read this book to understand the whole truth.
    Who Is Esau-Edom.

  4. ygvjyjyv says:

    nothing will happen, most judges are thoroughy bought off and corrupt, the rest of america doesn’t care… even when they are eating corexit that rained on their crops

    bow to britain and their mason puppets ruling your lives every day

  5. Publius says:

    What I was saying about Revoking a Corporate Charter on the other thread! It will take few righteous citizens to pull it off, as no lawyer of attorney will do it this! Its against their unwritten rules of conduct of things that must never be done.

  6. Masher1 says:

    Anyone see the forest yet?

    “Alabama has been harmed more than any other Gulf state hit by the spill mostly because its tourism revenue is based on attracting visitors to its pristine white sand beaches, he said. Strange estimated that the state lost $148 million in tax revenues because of the spill and that businesses lost as much as $824 million in earnings.”

    the state lost $148 million!

    businesses lost as much as $824 million!

    Hmmmm… The state seems to have it’s hand real deep into your pockets and you don’t even flinch.

    You should wake up.

  7. Tesla says:

    I think it’s great the AG is suing BP on behalf of the state and its businesses/residents for financial loses. However, who is going after BP for the health problems of both the clean-up workers as well as the residents who were exposed to oil and Corexit via water, land, or air? Furthermore, the Gulf area will have long-term health problems, possibly including future generations. Also, why are there no investigative reports on TV, with interviews from numerous residents currently ill. I guess if enough time passes, no one will care, no one will remember, and you will never be able to prove what killed your loved ones or even what killed you.

  8. Buddy. says:

    “DON’T Put Your Back, To The Shower”! 5 minutes, with your back to the shower, it’s proven that via dermal absorption, you may absorb as much as 1 quart, of toxic tap water. (Dispersant/oil mix laden tap water?!?) Media & their families, effected too.
    And reverse osmosis, doesn’t filter it out. And it’s proven to ”eat through water filters”!

    This X as many people who may be AWARE of this, & all the way around the gulf coast, “makes for a legal tsunami, the likes even BP has never seen”…. As many millions involved. Whether they know it, or not! It’s Agenda 21, folks. Are YOU, one of them?

  9. Alex Stevenson says:

    With reference to the AL lawsuit, it seems to me that the shareholders of BP at the time of the incident should also be included – it has always seemed strange to me that no matter what a company management team does, the shareholders are ultimately isolated from responsibility / accountability. If the management team have behaved badly, the expectation is that the shareholders will hold them to account (however limited the shareholder control may be in reality) – on that basis the shareholders would be expected to bear some responsibility for the results of the bad behavior. Whether the laws exist to do this is of no consequence, the mere fact that this is being considered would capture their attention and put real pressure on BP and their political umbrella.
    best regards,
    Alex Stevenson

  10. Italics Mine says:

    If you look at all the booty government got from Tobacco, just think of all the gold they can get from Big Oil.

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