We are a group of Concerned Citizens from around the world who recognize that everyone is truly a stakeholder in Planet Earth. That the Seven Seas are profoundly connected to each other. And, therefore, what goes on in the Gulf of Mexico does eventually affect the other major water bodies of the world.

We strongly feel that, especially where it concerns our precious oceans, what goes around, comes around. Hence, our eagerness to facilitate and expedite this process of discovery and revelation about the real story behind the BP Gulf Oil Spill. What better way to trigger the first Watergate of the new era than to hold hearings on the greatest environmental crime in American history.

Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to catalyze, at every level of government and society, the understanding that a full blown Congressional Hearing is necessary for the BP Gulf Oil Spill to be addressed in any meaningful and successful way.

The first Congressional Inquiry ought to focus on one issue: moving BP completely out of the Gulf of Mexico where it concerns the remediation of their oil spill disaster. As Dr. Thomas B. Manton often said, “the offending oil company should never be given command over the oil spill response”.

We fully agree; it is time for BP to be relieved of it duties, except the one that obligates them to pay for the entire catastrophe.

Let’s get busy!


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